Below you will find an overview of our products. Are you unsure which licence is best for you? contact us, we will advise you personally! Should find not the right product or want a quote in advance, you can request a quote here.

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Workplace licences can only be installed on one computer.


The network licence can be installed on multiple computers. The number of licences denotes how many workstations can work with RED CAD at the same time.

Hotline & Updates

The service package "hotline & updates" is the small contract with a big impact. It guarantees a carefree working with RED CAD APP. With this package you get free updates and can make use of our hotline at any time. Additionally, you will get upgrades at a reduced price.

• Hotline
• Updates
• Reduction on Upgrades

All Inclusive

The "all-inclusive" software package is the perfect solution for anyone who refuses to compromise. The package includes, as well as the RED CAD APP Elektro or Plumbing / Heating and schema, access to all features. With the feature "floor plan design" draw your own floor plan, furnish it with the symbols we have provided for you and surprise your customers with proper documentation. With the symbol creator you can add your own custom symbols, images, headers, creating and saving much more. With this package you have cost security. For an annual fee you get access to all future features, a home edition, upgrades and unlimited use of our hotline.

• Hotline
• Updates
• Free upgrades
• Access to features
• Training discounts
• Additional home edition