Date: 09.06.2020

 New function: Temporarily disable docking points

You can now temporarily disable docking points by clicking on the “Alt” key.

 New function: Scale correction when importing background plans

Help is now available to help you define the scale correctly when importing background plans.

Scale correction

 Optimization: Rotate function in the import assistant

The “Rotate” function now accepts entries of negative numbers.

 Optimization: Lock files are deleted when the program crashes

When the program crashed, the lock files were not automatically deleted, and the files were blocked. The lock files are now automatically deleted when the program crashes to prevent files from being blocked.

 Optimization: Identical files can be overwritten using "Save as".

You can now use “Save as” to overwrite identical files if the file is protected by a lock file.

 Optimization: QuickSupport update

The integrated QuickSupport (Team Viewer) has been updated to the latest version.

 Correction: Deletion layer caused a program crash

The RED CAD APP would crash when opening files that used an active erasure layer. This error has now been rectified.

 Correction: Drag & drop has been fixed

The RED CAD APP would crash when opening files that used an active erasure layer. This error has now been rectified.


Date: 26.05.2020

 Optimization: Copy/Paste performance has been improved

The copy/paste function has been optimized. This optimization improves performance when pasting.

 Correction: Background plans including DWG snapping

Several bug fixes have been made to imported background plans and the “DWG snapping” function.

 Correction: Copy/Paste of text fields

When copying text fields with a background color, the text was hidden when pasting and could no longer be seen. This error has been rectified.

 Correction: Custom layers could be cut with Ctrl+X

If objects/symbols were cut using Ctrl+X (cut) and were in a custom layer, the whole layer was lost in certain situations. This error has been rectified.


Date: 23.05.2020

 New functionality - DWG/DXF snapping (not only when importing)

Starting with version, the RED CAD APP has DWG/DXF snapping. DWG/DXF snapping can be activated as desired using the Plan tab and allows for more precise planning of installation plans.

 Scenario Manager: Rename several symbols/drawing objects simultaneously

Several symbols/drawing objects can now be selected and renamed simultaneously in the Scenario Manager. To select multiple symbols/drawing objects, use Ctrl + left click on the mouse.

 Scenario Manager: Automatic scrolling during the drag & drop process has been implemented.

The auto scroll function has been implemented in the Scenario Manager. This will make it easier to move the symbols/drawing objects when you reach the end of the display area. In other words, the Scenario Manager will scroll up or down automatically when you reach the end of the display area.

 Import assistant: Error message for empty Model Space

DWG/DXF files have two types of views: The Model Space and the Paper Space (Standardized by Autodesk. Autodesk is the creator of the DXF/DWG file formats.) The Model Space is the main drawing area of a DWG/DXF file.
The RED CAD APP only reads the Model Space. If this Model Space does not exist, the user is shown a new message.

 Circuit Diagram: Various improvements for cross references

Various improvements for the “cross references” function have been implemented.

 Optimization: The performance for copy/paste has been improved

The copy/paste function has been revised to improve performance.

 Optimization: The performance for spacer rings and the crosshair cursor has been improved.

Improved performance when drawing with spacer rings and the crosshair cursor.

 Correction: Context menu (right click) -> Mirror/Rotate

The mirror/rotate function in the Context menu (right click) now works again.

 Correction: Drawing of walls

Straight walls were displayed incorrectly. Wrong separation points were drawn when drawing a straight wall. The display has now been corrected.

 Correction: Wall breakthrough symbols

The wall breakthrough symbol was the wrong size. All wall breakthrough symbols have been corrected in the toolboxes.


Date: 19.05.2020

 Bug fix for the "Insert at mouse pointer" function

The function “Insert at mouse pointer” has been optimised. In previous versions, the elements/objects were inserted in the wrong positions due to unintentional movement. This error has been corrected.

 Improvement when moving the print area
(if specified, plan can be moved)

An improvement in setting the print area has been implemented. It is now possible to move the imported plan once the print area has been specified. This enables the plan to be better placed within the print area.

 Revision of "Recently edited documents"

The "Recently edited documents" view in the main menu has been completely revised.
What’s new:

  • The last 25 files to be edited are displayed.
  • The document icons show you what type of document it is (project, plan or circuit diagram).
  • You can now see whether the file is stored on a network or local drive. If a globe is displayed after the file name, the file is stored on a network drive. Otherwise, the file is stored locally on the computer you use to open the file.
  • The exclamation mark after the file name means that the file no longer exists or has been moved.

 Revision of import assistant "Layer selection"

In rare cases and only on some computers, the import assistant caused a program to crash when trying to display the window. The error could be traced back to the layer selection. The layer selection view has therefore been completely revised.

 Import of custom toolbox was corrected

The function “Import custom toolbox” accessed via Main Menu -> Toolbox Management caused the RED CAD APP to crash. The function has been fixed and works properly again.

 Circuit diagram: Cross references implemented

From version the circuit diagram will have a new feature: cross references. It is now possible to store and create automated cross references. More information can be found in the manual.

 Circuit diagram: Predefined lines + multiple lines

From version the circuit diagram will have predefined lines as well as multiple lines.

 Circuit diagram: Drawing lines with paths via the keyboard

From version it will be possible to draw lines via the keyboard. Up to now this only worked using symbols by selecting the symbol and entering the path.

 Circuit diagram: Bug fix for drawing with the keyboard (Paths > 9 can now also be used)

Setting symbols via the keyboard only worked up to path 9, larger path numbers were not supported. This has been changed, meaning that larger numbers can be entered.

 Circuit diagram: The context menu (right click) on the pages has been corrected and extended

The context menu (right click) previously only worked if you clicked directly on the page name of page in the Scenario Manager. This has been corrected and extended so that right-clicking reacts to the entire width of the line.

 Circuit diagram: Pages are now always sorted automatically

The pages within the Scenario Manager are always sorted numerically from version

 Circuit diagram: Connection points are added automatically

Connection points are now drawn automatically when a line is drawn at a 90° angle away from another line or connected to another line at a 90° angle.

 Circuit diagram: Note displayed for duplicate page number

A new message appears if a page number is already used within the circuit diagram. As before, duplicate page numbers must be corrected manually using the Scenario Manager.

 Circuit diagram: Bug fix for page numbering

When adding or renaming the pages, it resulted in an arbitrary order because the pages moved “by themselves”. This error has been fixed.

 New functionality: File lock handling has been implemented

If a document (plan, circuit diagram or project) is opened, the RED CAD APP creates a file with the same name and with the extension "*.lock" in the file location. This locks the document so that no other user can change or overwrite it. When closing the document, this "*.lock" file is deleted and the document can be accessed again by another user.

 Important note: Documents created and saved with v3.16.0.0 can no longer be edited with older versions

This means that documents created with version (plan, circuit diagram or project) can no longer be opened by a previous version of RED CAD APP. If you try to do so, a message will appear informing you that you should update the RED CAD APP to the latest version.