Version 3.11.6

Date: 07.07.2015

 The digitalSTROM toolbox now contains the correct prices for Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
 Updated the PDF Conversion library.
 When creating ellipses, rectangles or circle segments, the line settings from the menu will be taken into used.
 Fixed an issue that occurred when the setting "Restore toolboxes on startup" is active.

Version 3.11.5

Date: 08.06.2015

 Fixed the issue where the duplication of symbols using the Ctrl. Key only worked when moving towards the bottom right corner.
 Fixed the issues where no Flury-wires could be placed in French / Italian plans.
 Fixed the issue where Flury-wires would still be available in German when deleting all other languages except the current one and the targeted language is French / Italian.
 Fixed the issue that customers received an email in German rather than their language when deleting a demo license.

Version 3.11.4

Date: 02.05.2015

 Reworked the digitalStrom Schema toolbox, activated the automatic position labeling.
 New SIA 410 Legend for sanitary / Heating (In Heating / sanitary toolbox -> Labels -> Legend HLS).
 Fixed the issue where the user could activate / deactivate a checkbox in the properties window by pressing next to the actual checkbox (e.g. "is printed").
 Fixed an issue where an exception was shown when a Text symbol was active and the mouse was pressed outside of the bounds of the text symbol area and then released inside.  In big plan headers, all text fields can now be edited. Also improved the design so that longer dates (e.g. French way of displaying the date) may fit into it.  Fixed the issue where, in schemas, when removing a background layer caused it to be displayed on all other pages and could not be removed from them (unless saved and reopened).
 Using the Key "D" will now show / hide the docking points of all symbols on the plan / schema. Note: To be able to dock, the docking points must be active before the line is finished.
 Fixed the issue where the PDF Background layers would be mirrored after opening a plan. Old plans need to be sent in to be fixed by us, new plans will not have the issue.
 Fixed the issue where, when pasting symbols using the context menu (right mouse button clicked), the attached wires and the undo functionality did not work properly anymore.
 Implemented a prevention where the user is no longer able to insert the same symbol / graphic more than once. When copying, pasting or inserting a symbol / graphic, the wait window is displayed and the user can't do anything in that time. Also, when a symbol is active (to be inserted) and the user double clicks, the second click is ignored. Is a symbol duplicated by using the ctrl key and dragging it, the duplicate will only be created once the mouse is moved.

Version 3.11.0

Date: 20.03.2015

 New plans are now only in one language. The multi-language functionality was rarely used. This increased the performance up to 50% when opening and saving a plan. The performance while working also increases slightly.
 If required the multi-language feature can be activated in the program settings.
 You can remove additional languages from the plan using the provided functionality within the application menu.
 Fixed the issue that when closing a plan, the resources were not freed.
 The scaling factor for the background plan can be set in the properties window. Provided they use the same scale, background plans can be replaced with 100% accuracy.
 Fixed an issue where layers could not be removed from the architecture scenario.
 Fixed the issue that a copied image will be inserted into the file multiple times (resulting unnecessary file size).
 Reworked the toolboxes.
 Fixed an issue with the Text properties Window. It will no longer be placed in between 2 screens or out of bounds of the screen when Windows scaling is active.
 Plans that contain a legend, saved in the wrong language, can now be opened without any problems.
 Fixed an issue in the DWG /DXF export where walls were not displayed correctly.
 Fixed an issue where the program got caught in a loop when double clicking the resize boxes of a symbol group.
 Fixed an issue where the resize boxes of symbol groups were wrongly located after opening a plan.
 Fixed an issue where no custom symbols could be created in an Architecture scenario.
 It is no longer possible to paste serialized symbols into a text field.
 Fixed an issue where the undo functionality stopped working correctly after changing curves or winded cables.
 In the legend, the symbol size is now changed by a slider.
 Resolved the issue that the eraser-layer is not deactivated prior to printing. This resulted in display error on the print-out.
 Legend (Plan): Fixed some issues with scaled and rotation of various symbols.
 When exporting to DWG / DXF, it's now possible to ignore white areas. (e.g. eraser-layer)